Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I'm so sorry for being absent from my Blog for such a long time.
May be a few from my readers are still around.
I been on vacation and had a wonderful visit from my MIL.
We also had the baptism from my Grandson and a new puppy came to live with us.
So I hope you can see that time was flying so fast.
But now let me tell you a bit of everything.
My Mil came for a visit and to meet her new Great Grand son. We had a wonderful and lovely time. Do you remember this Quilt that I made for a special person. Well it was for my MIL, she was that special person and I think she loves her new Quilt.
We even took some days to go to England.
We been for 3 days to London. It was very nice. The things we seen been great. But I don't have to go back. Sorry, but the big City and Life there been to big and to fast for me.
After 3 Days of London we went first to Portsmouth and then rented a car to explore some of the places. I wished we had more time because again time was flying and we did not get to see all the things we wanted to. Oh well we need to go back.
Here are some pictures from our England trip.


can you see all the old sewing machines in the window

I also got to meet up with Family. I truly enjoyed that part. Since we never had the chance to meet before.
What better to bring along for a Gift as a Quilt.
So before we left for England I finished this Quilt for my Aunt by marriage. 
As we where staying with my Aunt I heard about Oakley and the fund raising for him.
So I decided to make a Quilt for that good cause. 

I hope they will be able to get all the money together to get this little boy walking. 
And than I sign up for a row swap at PP Forum. Everybody got to choose there own colours and the theme for the first row was squares and rectangles.

my first row went out to Pam

And this is the row I got from Caz. 
Isn't it a lovely row. I hardly can wait for the second row to be announced. 
So last but not least I want to introduce you to Lisa ( Mona Lisa) look at this face. Isn't she the cutes little puppy you seen
She is now 15 weeks old and moved in with us about 5 weeks ago.
I'm so happy to have her. 
Our last Dog my Baby Nala went across the Rainbow bridge last May, way to early and I was hurting very much. My first thougts after loosing her - no more pets. It been fine for some time but I missed her badly and after seeing some pictures of the litter of dogs I just wanted to go see and what can I say- Lisa came up to me and I was lost.
How could I have resisted.
You all have a great Day
Hugs Kerstin


  1. Kerstin,, so close and yet so far,,, I see you were at Bath and Stonehenge,, both close to where I am! Glad you had a good time.

  2. My you have been busy. I'm glad you have been enjoying your time though. I love your new puppy. Is she a German Shepherd.

  3. Hi Kerstin,

    Glad you had a good time over here, and that you saw lots of things and places!! Lovely quilts and such a cute puppy!!! Reb loves him too!!
    NN xx

  4. Hi Kerstin, Nice to hear from you. The trip er busy but that is often so. And Lisa is so cute. How is your grandson? grows wel? The quilts you make er lovely.
    Lot of hugs Tiny


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