Friday, July 20, 2012

Long time since I been here

Gee Its been some time since I last posted. I'm sorry about that.
I'm still waiting for my Grand baby. He is taking his sweet time, but that is ok.
I'm not all the way finished with sewing for him. Lol.
I had to finish another Baby Quilt for my great nephew. He is sooooo cute. 
His name is Mika and I wish I had a picture of the Quilt I made for him. I had a senior moment and forgot to take a picture.

I also been sewing on a project for PP. They have a online Quilt show and members can enter a Quilt-Wall hanging or Postcard with the Theme Buildings, Architecture or Celebration until beginning of August. So I wont be able to show it just jet.
but here is just a peek. 
and Quilting Gallery has there Weekly Themed Quilt Contest and just in time I noticed it being Postcards this week.
So I thought I enter the postcard I did for Maggi some time ago as a Birthday Card.
Speaking of Maggi, she started to sell her hand dyed fabric here. I just had to order my self some. I had a hard time to decide which fabric. I wished I could have got it all. Lol
So I hope I be more persistence about blogging.
Until next time
Hugs Kerstin


  1. I've just come from the Quilting Gallery where I saw (and voted for) your fabulous card!

  2. Mika is so cute.

    What a tease you are with the glimpse of your Quilt Show piece.

    I've been and voted for your fabulous card and asked for support on FB, Twitter and the PP forum so fingers crossed.

    Thanks for buying some fabric. I hope you like it when it arrives.

  3. Congratulations with Mika, what a nice boy!!! Take the time to enjoy his. I vote on your card. Lot of succes .

  4. Thank you for your comment about my lattice bag. I gave it to my daughter and now my other daughter is coming home on holiday (she lives in the Middle East) and she wants one too. I've got two weeks to make another one!

    I love your postcard. I voted for it yesterday.

  5. Hi Rona,

    Thank you so much for youur comment and vote for my post card.
    No wonder your daughter want a bag, its a great bag, I want one too .lol.

    enjoy your Holiday with your daughter.

  6. I voted for your "Eagle Eyes" on the Quilting Gallery..I really like it and you did a great job on it. Sure hope you win!!!

  7. I love your postcard. I voted for you too!


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