Monday, June 13, 2011

Quilt Show - Rüdesheimer Patchworktage

Yesterday I went with some friends to the Rüdesheimer Patchworktagen.
We had a great time.
Rüdesheim it self is a beautiful City and visited by a lot of Tourist. The Quilt Show it self was in 3 different places located and they had a shuttle service going to take you to any of those locations. One was a monastary called Kloster Johannesburg but is now a hotel, one was City Hall and than a school. At the Gym from the shool they had like the shopping stalls. It was real nice but I came home with  surprisingly little that I bought. Not that I did not see any. With seeing all the quilts and other little things beeing on display I guess the brain went into overwork. I have a few pictures if you want to see, not to many. I always forget to take pictures while looking at the show. Sorry.
ok, here are the things I bought.

The kit for the cosmetic bag I had to try out right away. The pattern is from Stoffwerk. So easy and fun to do.


  1. Your photos are lovely Kerstin, thanks for sharing them. I really liked the silk quilt and the gorgeous treasure boxes by Jutta Erner. Your cosmetic purse is a beautiful colour.

  2. Hi, Kerstin! I am so happy I found your blog. Thanks for the photos, links and the interesting read ... :) Pat

  3. I also love your cosmetic purse. What a gorgeous purse it is!

  4. Yes, the pop up box is working! Thanks for changing so I can leave a comment.

    I enjoyed the pictures from the show via your link!


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