Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory's of Emil

 I finished a Quilt for my cousin. My Uncle passed away in February and I asked
Ute ( my cousin ) for some of his Shirts.
The pattern is called Light and shadow and I saw it on someone's Blog.
So I Worked out the pieces to cut ( I did not have a pattern) and of I went.
I really like the out come and hope it will be a nice memory for her, from her
and  now Im going to work on the quilt I started with my 1st Jelly Roll. Its been in its box for already to much time. 
I probably never will get all my UFO's done because there is so much adding to it all the time. So I thought after every new projekt I need to finish a UFO. We will see if that will help getting rid of all the boxes holding UFOs. lol.


  1. It is lovely Kerstin and such a personal gift. I am sure your cousin will be comforted by it.

  2. Kerstin, what a lovely memory quilt for your cousin. I think she will treasure it.

  3. What a lovely quilt you make of it.I think your cousin wil be quite happy with it. And don't you no that quilsters alway's must have a few UFO otherwise they are not healthy. :):)

  4. I had a few extra moments this morning, so I thought I'd scroll through your archived posts. I've seen some beautiful pieces that I've wanted to stop and comment on, but this quilt that you made for your cousin is a real show stopper. I'm just loving it!!


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