Sunday, August 15, 2010

My last Friendship Block arrived

My last beautiful block from Jo arrived.With one sad and a happy feeling I opened up the last envelope, sad because this means this swap came to a end and a happy one because all the blocks I got are great. Jo included a beautiful handcrafted Card for me. I tell you I'm one lucky person to receive all those great blocks and extras that everyone send.
I enjoyed being in this swap and Thank everyone in this swap participating.
At the time, I wont have the time to put my Quilt together but hopefully by the end of this year. If I get the chance I take a picture of all the blocks laying out together so you get to see them all together.
Here is the picture from Jo's Block and the card she had made.


  1. Hi Kerstin, What an amazing swap it has been. Sometimes a great challenge, but always good fun. Look forward to seeing all your blocks together. Ros x

  2. What a fun time you've had with your swap, Kerstin. You really did receive some beautiful blocks. I know it probably feels bittersweet for it to end, but you will always have your quilt to remember it by. Plus I am sure you have made a lot of new friends! Can't wait to see the blocks together!



  3. Beautiful block Kerstin, now you can work (lol).
    Have a nice day. Tiny


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