Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life of joy - Lebensfreude

That is what its called. I meet once a month with 4 other lady's to sew, eat, chat and have lots of fun.
Everyone has there turn in choosing what we are working on. (I mean its not a forced thing, if you don't like it you just do your own thing.) But so far we seem to have the same likes and dislikes. Its always fun in the end to see what fabric does to a pattern. They always look so much different.
When the last Pattern came up I thought "not my kind of thing" But still decided to work on it and to use just scraps for this Quilt and then give it up for Donation. I changed a few blocks in the pattern since I did not like them in the Quilt and left part of the border out because it would been to big for my taste. (that's the fun part about it. You can do whatever you like in quilting) Its finished now and I really kind of like it. The size of the Quilt is now 70" x 55". I will take it next week to show it off to my friends and than it will go to my Doc. So he can ruffle it of and use the money for his work with humedica You know, even that I used all scraps for this Quilt it made just a very small dent in my Scrap boxes. Lol. I guess I need to make another scrap Quilt.


  1. A lovely quilt. I hope it raises a lot of money for Humedica.

  2. What a lovely quilt Cookie.. Whoever gets the quilt will be so happy with it.


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