Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take along work surface

Here a little thing I did last weekend. It went real quick. A little workspace to take along to class or when I meet once a month with the girls. Space is small so we always prepare and cut the fabric at home. But you always need to cut a corner or something.
You all know what I'm talking about.
So this little work surface is awesome. There is a little cutting mat plus on the other side a little Iron pad. All I need now is a little iron. Lol.
Otherwise I been busy with quilting. The Kellerquilter send me a box with 4 Quilts to quilt. They are so beautiful. I'm done with 3 of them and when I was quilting the last one my machine broke. There was just about 8 more inches to go on the quilt when my machine acted up and showed FM phase error. What ever that means. Took her to the shop today and hopefully I can pick her up by this weekend. Hope it wont be to expensive either. Well, we will see and I will tell you.

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