Tuesday, February 16, 2010

haven't been in blog land for some time

Now I wasn't in Blog Land for a Month. So there is a lot to show and tell.

It was not that I was lazy as you might think .

I just had to decide to blog or sew in the little time that's left in the day after work. I choose to sew and here are some pictures to prove

1.) I finished my Sampler - Its a nice big Quilt with Fleece as the backing.

2.) Rooster Ed - I had fun with this little Wall Quilt.

I will hang it on my Entry Door. I'm ready for a new
Season as you can tell. I'm tired of Winter.

3.) speaking of Winter. I joined the Winter Swap at the
Quilting Gallery. My Swap Partner this time is in
Europe. The Mini Quilt is almost finished. I still have
to add the Binding. But here is the 'Fabric I used for
for the Quilt as a little tease. In case the one I'm
Sending it to is looking around this Blog.

4.) then there is the Birthday Club from PP.
February was a very busy month with a
Lot of B-days. So I had to make some Cards
and I cant show them until March because I
dont want to spoil the surprise.

5.) the ATC Swap in a small yahoo Group I'm in.

That was my first attempt in a ATC . What a small
thing. I gave my best and made a ATC for Jo.

and then there is the ATC I got from Ros. Isn't it a
Little Beauty with the Butterfly in it. Thank you Ros.

6.) and last but not least I was busy making a Quilt for the
Kellerquilter. The Kellerquilter is a Group of wonderful German
Ladys that collect donated fabric and make Quilts
For disabled people. They choose every year a new
Home for the Quilt's. In a German Forum the
Quiltfriends, they asked who wants to help. So here

I am with the making of this Quilt. Here you see the Fabric they send me and what I
did with it so far.

I still need to quilt it.

Ok, that was all I managed to do in the last Month. I try to be a little better about blogging.

Have fun looking around. Enjoy yourselves.


  1. If that is what you do when you don't blog, I am quite happy to wait for longer. beautiful stuff and I just love Rooster Ed.

  2. I agree Maggi, ALL, she put, then follows up with masses of stuff. Well done Cookie.
    Jan xx


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